The Growing Sports Foundation Trust (“GSFT”) is a non-profit, multi-cultural educational and sport organization that promotes the social, psychological and physical development of children and teaches them important life skills through sport. The GSFT, through a network of  centers established in 2008 and located mainly in disadvantaged neighborhoods or in outlying development towns throughout the country, has given hundreds of thousands of children from all walks of life the opportunity to learn a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime. 

Not only do the Centers provide a protective environment for children to spend time supervised by trained staff, but they also afford the more talented with the opportunity to develop their full potential to become world-class tennis champions, representing South Africa in international competitions at all levels.


Key Points

•   A non-profit organization aimed at unearthing the best talent in sports amongst young kids

•   Focusing on the Growing Tennis Programme

•   Aiming at creating world-class tennis champions

•   Operating in South Africa and the rest of the African continent

•   Using world-class tried and tested training methods

•   Providing a holistic approach to tennis development…life and sporting skills


Hope Tennis Programme  Victory Programme






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