New Guguletu centre starting

New Guguletu centre starting

Ludwe Yoka and another Coach, Lungile, both live in the crescent around this park where there is one tennis court.

They started to show an interest in the game of tennis when the court was built and both tried to teach themselves to play.

They came across one of the Growing Sports Foundation Coaches Chris Zamva who was actively coaching in the Growing Tennis Programme at the time.

He asked them if they would be interested to become trainers and teach children – they jumped at the idea, underwent a series of courses and today are two shining examples of employed youth from the Guguletu townships.

We are very proud of both of these boys.

On his own initiative, Ludwe and Lungile, both offer their time to the community children of Guguletu on a Saturday afternoon between 1.30 and 2.30pm free tennis lessons.

In the mornings, Ludwe coaches the Talented children out of the TSA City Bowl Hubs who have been earmarked for further development. These children live in the Guguletu area and we are very happy to be able to start tennis in Guguletu and bring it to the local community.

If anyone would like to become tennis coaches – then please call Michelle at the Foundation, at 083 274 8682.

CEO of Tennis South Africa, Mr Ian Smith, Growing Sports Foundation Trust Coach Ludwe Yoka, Growing Sports Foundation Trust Founder and CEO Michelle Whitehead at tennis court in Guguletu

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