Red Sock Friday – SCHoOoPS

Red Sock Friday – SCHoOoPS

Red Sock Friday – SCHoOoPS

It all began with two friends & an incredible story many years ago… Now it is about people all over the world who wear red socks every Friday – shoOops!

I wear red socks on Fridays (Red Sock Friday) is a movement dedicated to making a difference, being passionate, inspiring others and being inspired, staying positive, remembering friends and expressing yourself! It is a journey, a sentiment, a cause, a statement and a tribute – and it all began with two friends and an incredible story… the socks, keep up to date with recent blog entries from Mr. ShoOops and share your photos and videos. Tell us what your red socks mean to you!

Two young friends decided to explore the World. When it came time for one of them to return home, they decided they needed something to represent their friendship, the memories they had made and their shared passion for adventures to come.

They remembered a story that had been told – a story of courage and friendship that moved and inspired them to begin a new journey together, no matter where their separate paths may lead them.

The story belonged to Sidney Feinson, a South African war veteran. Feinson joined the army in 1941. He was captured during the Battle of Tobruk, along with 97 other South African soldiers, and sent to a prison camp in Italy. After 12 months imprisonment, Feinson and two friends managed to escape with the help of a beautiful young Italian woman and a priest. They made their way to the Swiss border, hiding in
homes and churches along the way in order to escape the German troops.

Feinson and his friends decided to make a pact to commemorate lost friends, those who didn’t manage to escape, and those who died in battle – they would wear red socks as a symbol of friendship, unity and remembrance.

It is this story of brotherhood and human connection that initiated the Red Sock Friday movement – an International phenomenon dedicated to fostering the same spirit Feinson and his friends grew as a tribute to their friends and the journey they all shared. Promoted actively by John McInroy who has re-birthed the movement in South Africa. Now “red-sockers” around the world are embarking on their own journeys, inspired and passionate about the lives they live, and collecting their own stories to share with one another.

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