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The School Turnaround Programme is intended to take a struggling school from chaotic, dysfunctional and/or under performing organisational conditions to high functioning and a school of excellence.

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The strategy is based on a three to five year intensive collaboration engagement with the entire staff of the school, with the assistance from other internal and external stakeholders, such as the district officials, parents, teacher unions, funders, higher education institutions, business, and many more. Since education affects the entire spectrum of society, more rather than less people need to get involved to support education, but not interfere in it.

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The work of school turnaround must be left to those who are turnaround experts within the field of education and social science, rather than the attempts by numerous projects to get business leaders to coach school principals. It will never work at numerous levels, especially the fact that business operations are not driven by bureaucratic, decision making
that is often not located with the school principals, but rather hidden in the piles of policy and collective agreements.

The strategy involves five phases, which are not linear, but have to be concluded in a particular order of priority,  namely (i) ownership, (ii) planning, (iii) curriculum management, (iv) culture, climate and relationship building, and (v) sustainability. The first prize of this strategy is to get school to aim at becoming schools of excellence, while some will only reach high functionality, which should be the minimum expectation to work towards. The project is implemented through three organisational development tools, namely (i) the eight school readiness components (SRC), (ii) the 50 school administrative or operational systems (SOS), and (iii) the 60 school quality systems (SQS). All these 8 systems are integrated in nature, and will affect numerous other systems when looked at them as individual components.

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