Rahmaniyeh Primary School

Situated in Constitution Street, in the middle of District Six – lies this potentially magnificent red brick tiles school building – sadly dilapidated, windows barred, no playgrounds but weeds and rubbish from the winds gathered in its corners – a place of eduaction for 300 township + district 6 children.

Until June 2009 – the roof had been so deteriorated that the chidlren spent the winter of 2009 in rain filled classrooms and the school was constantly flooed from the exposure to the winter elements.

Finally, the then acting Head Master, Mr Rawoot, managed to pursuade the Education Department to assist them with putting a roof over these childrens heads!!

We started our tennis programme here in January 2009 and were given an outdoor area of broken up tar and stones to play on. No fences to the exterior roads or slopes around the school meant it was very difficult for control of any sort. We rigged up our mini tennis nets and ropes and started once again with the downscaled basics programme and every child in the school comes to classes with his peers.

Waterfront Rotary Club and the Early Act Club of Rotary has gotten very involved in this school as we strive to assist them get better facilities for their school and their chidlren.

One of our main projects at this very moment is a fund raising project for an exterior fence around the school – currently vagrants sleep in the property at night and burn the refuse bins and are a threat to the security of the school. A large amount of R 320 000-00 is our target here, to provide security for the children of this school.

We have also secured Soccer goal posts and nets which should be erected as soon as the exterior fence and some roll down lawn is collected for the school.


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