The Growing Sports Foundation Trust would like to welcome you to world where all children are given the wonderful opportunity to achieve their dreams, thanks to your generous donation.

We hope you will wear the Growing Sports Foundation Trust warm up that symbolises your involvement, kindness and generosity.

  • The Growing Sport Foundation Hope Program

             Donate a Kindergarten for Rands 16000 per anum for 30 children

             Donate a Hub of 6 schools Rands 265000 per anum for 2000 children

             Donate a Special needs program Rands 11000 per anum for 30 children


  • The Growing Sports Foundation Pride Program

             Donate a Municipal facility program for Rands 181000 per anum for 200 children

             Donate a Community centre program for Rands 181000  per anum for 200 children


  •  The Growing Sports Foundation Victory Program

              Donate Rands 50000 per anum towards a high performance child


  • The Growing Sports Foundation Coach Development program

             Donate Rands 10000 towards the development and education of future trainers and coaches


  • The Growing Sports Foundation Facilities

             Donate Rands 100000 towards the up keep and maintenance of existing facilities


  • The Growing Sports Foundation Facility Development Program

             Help us to build new and better facilities for our programs , donations required as per project


  • The Growing Sports Foundation Member Program

             Donate Rands 2500 and become a member


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