Dear Trustees

What a busy year we have had to date.

With the funding from SATA (SA Tennis) we have been able to employ 4 people – ideally 2 coaches and 2 apprentices BUT their salaries are R 2500-00 and R 1000-00 respectively and that brings a “”low-life” type person forward. We have lost 3 coaches to drugs and alcohol abuse and it is very difficult to sustain this level of person. We are now looking for younger, unemployed people to train.

Anyway, we have battled though various coaches and various apprentices and at present have 1 Coach and 3 trainers, with another person in training.

We have also just half employed a Fully registered Level 1 Pro and Teaching Pro who was very involved in ‘’apartheid days’’ and he is an extreme asset to the company. We need to find a further R 5000-00 a month for his salary, as he is teaching Trainers to better coaches, on the job. A Real asset.

We now have over 2000 children enjoying their tennis – the LOVE OF TENNIS is flowing in our schools and the children love it. We have 2 new schools, namely Zonnebloem Girls and boys Primary’s.

We have earmarked close to 350 children as having more talent than the rest – and have separated them from the “Love of Tennis Groups” and they are getting more specialized Tennis Coaching.

Ball Boy squad:
We have started a ball boy squad – we have between 10/12 children from each school – and they train regularly on a Friday afternoon between 2 -3pm at Good Hope Seminary School which has tennis courts.
They were due to Ball Boy at the WP Masters event but there was doubt because of rain so we postponed their appearances. They are very excited to get into action. In Total we have 60 children trained. The idea is for clubs / tournament / WP events to use them to make their events look more professional.
I am having GROWING SPORTS FOUNDATION BALL BOY T-shirts printed up for them. E need R 6500-00 as a sponsor for them.

UCT Students have been disappointing this year – only 5 students WHO ARE PART OF THE Program. BUT a BIG thank you to LOTTO and UCT again for purchasing R 15 000-00 owrth of equipment for our schools. We have been able to kit out one school with racquets, nets and balls.

Voluntour Africa sent us an American Tennis Coach for June and July – Greg Cromwell– wonderful – he paid his way, and gave the programme a donation and then unfortunately his Dad died and he left after 4 weeks. He is however, very keen to come back.

Rotary has become involved through the great need in the schools and we are currently finalising projects.

I called on DSK (German School Interact club) to assist Walmer Estate Primary with their Playground restorations. They raised R 60 000-00 from the German Consulate and have assisted the school rebuild their Toilets and have also painted HopScotch and Games for the children in their playgrounds.

We have a new web site – http://growingtennis.tennis-network.co.za/?m=1 – which we will use to attract sponsors to give them the necessary information and photo’s required.

Noko and I had a meeting on 29 March 2011 with Brent Walters – the Director for Sports Western Cape : Adv. Lyndon Bouah and Mr Paul Hendricks. Very interesting meeting with Sports establishing MOD centres around the Province in various areas and we are hoping to get TENNIS as a MOD in Gugulethu.

We have also secured putting TENNIS into the Gugulethu Indoor Sports Complex. Our liaison there is- Mr Abubakr Momath – this centre has 2 broken down tennis courts which are never used – but they have 3 Full time employees of the City Council to run the training programmes at the centre – one of the few active Township centres.

All in all, it has been a busy year with many additional items being able to expand at the schools with me networking Rotary and other schools together. It has been very rewarding and I am very proud of how our coaches have developed and progressed.

My thanks to Anthula Markowitz, an active Vets tennis player and Former First lady of Cape Town for her time and assistance in finding further sponsors.

Thank you to SATA for their sponsorship, without which we would not have been able to sustain ourselves.

Yours in Tennis




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