Challenges in the Programme’s

  • Teachers using no children as a rest period and not there to co-ordinate disciplines
  • Lack of discipline with children which results from a lack of stimulation at schools – they have no outdoor play equipment or balls to play with and go mad when they get it from us.
  • Language barriers
  • Tennis has never been a “Black” sport so very few PD Individuals have ever played it – therefore very difficult to train competent PD coaches of a skilled playing level.
  • Transport of children to Identified Talent Squads Advanced Coaching is an issue
  • To find the balance between teaching a “’love for tennis as a sport”’ and working with “’identified Talented children”’ to take them to the top.
  • Getting buy in from the Parents to this new Sport in their culture.
  • Keeping Black coaches motivated, off alcohol and drugs and teaching them to be LEADERS for their children.


  • After 18 months of training – these children have become very structured and disciplined
  • Improved school grades
  • wonderful sense of pride and achievement at their ability levels
We have earmarked 125 children with “more talent’ than the rest and these children need specialised tennis coaching.
  • The parents don’t understand
  • It’s a “white man’s sport – you can’t play”
  • Lack of programmes where these children live in the townships
  • Transport issues to extra lessons as schools close promptly at 2.20 and the taxi’s leave for the townships immediately.

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