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 The GROWING SPORTS FOUNDATION TRUST (GSFT) has gone from strength to strength.

The schools that we teach at are schools in the CBD of Cape Town where the children are bussed in from the townships to attend school every day. There are over 9000 children bussed into the City every day. These children are collected from their homes from 5.30am and arrive at school sometimes two hours later, tired and hungry. Basics of food and sleep having been deprived.

The level of tuning in to their daily education classes was thus hampered by these conditions.

None of these schools offer ANY exercise or sports programmes and this is where the GSFT has jumped in to assist.

We now have 7 qualified African trainers in Play and Stay Tennis 10’s, and 2 trainers in learning.

We have 7 schools and over 2000 children actively involved in The Love of Tennis.

These schools are:

We have also started 2 township centres at Mandela Park Stadium, Khayalitscha and Iyanda Park Gugulethu.

The Principles at both Rahmaniyeh Primary and Walmer Estate Primary will testify to the fact that the Tennis Programme started has ‘’woken the children up” – exercised their bodies, given them something stimulating to enjoy and to strive for – AND that their level of aptitude in the classrooms have improved tremendously – along with their grades.

We have focused on the City Bowl Hubs and been coaching on broken surfaces in schools as they have no facilities.

We have now FOUND facilities in the NEST of Zonnebloem schools – 2 derelict tennis courts – within walking distance of our schools – which will serve as a TENNIS CENTRE for the Community.

Our long term vision is to establish a TENNIS CLUB affiliated to Tennis Western Province for the Zonnebloem / Woodstock district – and to use these facilities as a central location where the surrounding schools can meet and play Play and Stay Tennis 10’s matches.


The complete restoration of both fences and courts comes to around – R 260 000-00.

  • Fencing around both courts = R 90 000-00
  • Re-surfacing both courts = R 140 000-00
  • Sundry expenses = R 30 000-00


Court 1  

  • 16 poles to be erected
  • Fencing and gate to be installed onto poles
  • Surface of court to be re-done
  • Wall to be painted green and a net height white line to be painted along it

Court 2   

  • Entire court to have poles erected and fencing installed onto it
  • Retainer come practise wall to be built along upper edge of court
  • This wall to be painted green and white lined
  • Court surface to be re-done
  • Net posts required for this court


There is an area above for a club house facility to be built at a later stage.

If you are further interested or know anyone else who might be interested to make a donation or form a partnership with THE GROWING SPORTS FOUNDATION, please would you let us know.

These are further areas to get involved in:-

  1. Training of a Disadvantaged Sports person in Play + Stay certification (mini-tennis) – R 800-00
  2. Training of a disadvantaged sports person with an International tennis Federation (ITF) Level 1 certification – R 2000-00
  3. Training a Disadvantaged teacher in Play + Stay certification – R 800-00
  4. Equipping a school with mini-tennis nets x 4 – R 3200-00
  5. and racquets – R 6000-00
  6. Paying towards the salary of a full time employed Development Coach – R 30 000-00 per annum
  7. Adopting a talented Disadvantaged youngster and funding his further coaching and tournament entries and traveling costs – R 16 500-00 per annum
  8. Weekend camps+ tournaments – R 10 000-00 per weekend
  9. Zonnebloem Tennis Centre restoration project
  10. DONATIONS: of old Tennis racquets / shoes / balls
    • T-shirts / caps / equipment
    • incentives for children – sweets / chips / cold drinks



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