Our Mission

To  benefit all previously disadvantaged children and adults of all cultural and racial denominations who are in need of training, education and development in the art of sports. Similarly for any organization, school, trust, club and/or project established for such purpose.

Following this, to identify young talented children  who show natural athletic ability, an interest in tennis and to develop them into world-class tennis players, and outstanding citizens.


Our Philosophy

  • What Drives Us
  • Rigorous yet fun approach to tennis development
  • Holistic personal development
  • Career path guidance and support
  • Parental involvement and participation
  • Excellent technical support
  • Provision of relevant training equipment
  • Customized and periodized training programme
  • Coaching capacity building programme
  • Tournament schedules tailor-made for each player
  • Encouragement of academic excellence
  • Annual progress assessments


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