Hope Tennis Programme

Hope Tennis Program

Ages 3 to 10

AGE: 3-10

The Hope programme is focused on developing  all the motor skills of a young athlete at the appropriate biological age for athletic ability

• agility
• balance
• coordination
• ball skills
• flexibility
• speed and power

The Athletic Development HOPE (Program  Ages 3 to 6)

The Athletic Development Program for all centers was conceived byAnthony Harris, Program Director, after a lengthy period of research and study. The program offers a one-year course of 30 structured lessons taught by qualified physical education teachers.

This program serves as a basis of development for excellence in all sports.

The overall goals of the program are:

  • To improve motor development
  • To improve coordination
  • To give all children the opportunity to excel in sport
  • To learn a sport for life
  • To have “fun” through physical activity and thus promote a healthy lifestyle from an early age
  • To identify talented youngsters for follow-up programs

Through participation in the Athletic Development Program, a child will begin to acquire invaluable life skills:

  •  Listening and following directions
  • Sharing and cooperating with others
  • Utilizing memory
  • Building self confidence
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Learning to concentrate
  • Doing homework

The response of educators, parents and children has been overwhelmingly favorable. Among the success stories are those of children with physical and mental disabilities who have benefited from the program and there is medical confirmation of their improvement. A surprising development has been the interest shown by administrators in other branches of sport who, when seeing the physical, motor, mental and cognitive development of the children who have completed the course at the GSFT, wish to recruit those who show a particular aptitude for their sport to participate in that sport. We now realize that this program has potential far and beyond what was originally envisaged and we feel we are providing a service to the country as a whole through this program.


Mini Tennis Hope Program (Ages 5 to 7)

To develop abilities  fundamental for tennis in children – such as : serve, return, back hand / forehand, volley, smash, baseline, court drills.

The program continues to emphasize the development of athletic skills essential to children at these ages : agility, balance, co-ordination and speed – and in addition, the program carries on the intensification of “skills for life” – such as :self assurance, positive self image, the ability of co-operation and communication with others, goal setting, discipline and concentration. In addition the child learns primary fundamental concepts of healthy nutrition.


 Program Implication

The program is based on 30 built-in gradational lessons, when each lesson is the basis for the next one.

Professional tennis and fitness coaches are teaching the lessons – after overtaking special training for implicating the program.

The equipment used by the coaches for achieving the program goals is the most advantageous and innovative and combines the development of athletic

abilities and the “skills for life” – together with lots of fun – so important for young children.

Optimal attainment of the program goals from the technical, tactical, psychological, physical and competitive areas of development – the program applies in this unique course the international progressive technique  known as “Game Approach” – for mini tennis courts equipped with unique equipment appropriate for young children.



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