Pride Tennis Programme

Ages 11-13

Ages 11-13

AGE: 11-13

The philosophy behind this innovative and dynamic programme is to teach life skills to children through tennis.

Our mission is to help our players reach their full potential both in life and on the court.

In the programme, each child is rewarded as he/she passes through different levels of skills.

The child, in fact, is competing with himself and getting reinforced based on his achievements. There is a clear progression of skill levels that is evaluated every few months.



A strong emphasis is placed on the following:

1. Psychological Skills

  • Setting goals: how to set goals, achieve goals, and re-evaluate goals
  • Discipline
    • Do what has to be done
    • When it has to be done
    • As well as it can be done
    • Do it that way all the time
  • Dealing with failure: Being able to put oneself on the line and learn from failing
  • Managing mistakes
  • Increasing concentration
  • Coping with stress: Rituals and routines
  • Social skills: Learning to work within a group and within a framework of rules.


2. Tennis Etiquette and Tennis Trivia

  • Rules of the game
  • Appropriate behavior
  • Sportsmanship


3. Nutrition

  • The food pyramid
  • Healthy and unhealthy foods
  • Carbohydrates in a sports diet
  • Importance of liquids

Our commitment is to assist our players through the many social and physical challenges of development and enhance the self esteem of each and every child.



Maya Gomez training with Ben Warren at Sea Point Tennis Club



The Programme is for talented players, with a marked focus on competing and creating well-rounded tennis athletes.


  • Introduction to real tennis courts
  • Advanced, individualized and custom tennis coaching
  • Further focus on athletic development and refinement
  • Regional tennis facilities used in and around  all Communities
  • Preparation for selection into high performance programme
  • Players selected from Hope Programme across the continent
  • Based in Cape Town
  • Advantage of Cape is ability to train tennis skills at low attitude
  • Short –term ambition is to convert two courts into clay
  • Full residence provided from this stage
  • Focus is mostly on full-time tennis training and development
  • Home schooling possible to ensure comprehensive refinement of abilities
  • Local and international tournament play
  • Emphasis on technical and mental refinement
  • 60% of players time spent at the academy
  • 40% playing in tournaments
 Pride Programme

Typical Pride Programme Day

06h30  Tennis Practice

08h30  Breakfast

09h30   Gym

10h30  Break

11h00  Academics

16h00  Physical training (agility, speed, stamina and movement)

17h00  Tennis Practice

20h00  Dinner and break

20h45  Academics

22h00  Day ends


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