Scholarship Programme

Identified Talent and Scholarship Programme

Identified Talent – this is not yet in place as we dont have the funds or the coaches (but we very close to getting it started)

We have identified over 350 talented children within our active schools.
The real problem is courts/facilities within their immediate areas/ schools.
We don’t want transport to be an issue as they have minimal time in between classes and transport takes up time.
It has been very difficult to identify times for ID Talented Kids as they leave school immediately afterwards, but we are going to attempt afternoon classes each day in 2011.

  • We need better qualified coaches/Volunteers for these times and they must be trained in using the Play and Stay Programme.
  • We need to establish weekend Clinics in the City as well as in Khayelitscha and Guguletu (which are happening)
  • We need to establish PLAY AND STAY Tournaments which the various Coaches around WP can run on weekends – a major sponsor is required for this.

Scholarship Programme
We need to test the children from the City Bowl schools to find a squad of 24 talented children to develop further
3 coaches from the City Bowl area to assist
Sea Point Tennis Club to be the venue
These children will be coached on proper tennis courts at Sea Point Tennis Club and evaulated.
They will be entered into WP tournaments
A squad of 24 children who offer dedication and greater potential will be offered scholarships.
These scholarships will entail – Housing / schooling/Daily tennis coaching

  • Costs involved
    Coaching – 5 days a week group and individual = R700-00 per week x 52 = R 36 400-00 p.a.
    Equipment – R 4 500-00 p.a.
    Fitness + gym – R 18 720-00 p.a.
    Tournament entries R 4 000-00 p.a.
    Traveling costs R 25 000-00 p.a.
    Housing + Food – R 8 760-00 per month per child x 12 = R 105 120-00 p.a.
    Schooling – R 25 000-00 per annum x 12 children = R 300 000-00 or local schools @ R 3000-00 p.a. x 12 = R 36 000-00 p.a.
  • GRAND TOTAL = R 229 740-00 per child p.a. X 12 children = R 2 756 880-00

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