Special Needs Programme


One of the goals of the Growing Sports Foundation Trust  is community outreach to children with special needs. Uniquely designed programs have been developed to meet the specific needs of the various “special” populations. It is our hope that through the exposure to tennis we can enhance the self-esteem of the children and contribute to the normalization and quality of their lives.

The programs for children with special needs take place once or twice a week and it is heartwarming to see the teachers from these special schools accompany the children to the different Centers for their sporting activities.

 These programs are provided at no cost to the children.


Developmentally Challenged Children

The children who participate in these programs are mild to moderately challanged. The goal of the program is to empower these children to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through participation in sports.


Children at Risk

Children at risk are children who have been removed from their homes by court order because of abuse or neglect in their families. They reside in residential treatment centers or in small rehabilitative environments that focus on nurturing children as well as protecting them from the violence of their families. The goals of the program are to give the children an opportunity to focus on a new activity
each week and feel cared for and included in the warm atmosphere of the GSFT. Tennis can be used as a constructive way to “let off steam” as well as a tool to enhance social interaction.

Autistic Children

The goals of this program are to improve communication skills and social interaction, motor coordination, and add to the child’s repertoire of activities and interests. There is a one-to-one ratio of coach to child during the lesson.


 Hearing Impaired Children

The goals of this program are to give these children their first exposure to tennis and to contribute to the normalization of their daily lives.


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