Victory Tennis Programme

Ages 10 to 18

Ages 10 to 18


The Growing Sports Foundation Trust has identified top talent from the ages of 10 to 18 at each of its centres.

The idea is to take the young, talented sports players and have them become role models of excellence, diligence, and commitment for the youth population in the areas from which they come.

This is especially significant as research shows that violence in youth is amongst the highest in the world today. These young children, who have the potential and desire to pursue tennis at an international level and represent South Africa abroad, are supported in the framework of the team.

The Victory Team includes boys and girls, selected from outstanding players in South Africa and other African countries.

The players are provided with the following:

  • High level tennis instruction
  • Mental training
  • Fitness training
  • Nutrition
  • Medical and Physical tests
  • Residence and schooling
  • Social activities
  • Support both as individuals and as a team
  • National and international tournaments

Professional follow-up and feedback has been designed that will enable monitoring of each player’s progress.


This programme will develop world-class champions from Africa with a focus on tactical development and mental strength.

  • Programme includes tennis, fitness, psychological skills, medical, nutritional and competition management.
  • Personalized programmes for each player developed
  • Dedicated coaches
  • Use of the latest techniques and technologies
  • International past linkages include IMG, RPT Coach Development Programme, Nick Bollittieri academy, Paul Dorochenko (past coach of Roger Federer and the Juan Carlos Ferrero academy in Spain).
  • 60% of the victory squad’s time will be spent playing ITF Junior tournaments globally and other selected tournaments as well as $ 10 000 futures events
  • Rest of the time will be spent training at an academy  – ours or at one of our international partners
 Other areas of key focus will be:

a.   Tactical development

b.   Developing weapons (big serve, big forehand, big backhand, net play)
c.    Mental strength
d.    Physical developments

Typical Victory Team Programme Day

 06h30  Tennis Practice
08h30  Breakfast
09h30  Gym
10h30  Break
11h00  Academics
16h00  Physical training (agility, speed, stamina and movement)
17h00  Tennis Practice
20h00  Dinner and break
20h45  Academics
22h00  Day ends

WTA / ITF 1,2,3 / ATP TEAM

Jessica Simpson:   South Africa

Valeria Bhunu:     Zimbabwe

Lloyd Harris:         South Africa


ITF levels 4,5 TEAM

Joshua Luck:      South Africa

Ben Warren:       South African

Josh Warren:     South Africa

Sias Merkling :    South Africa



Kim Bhunu           Zimbabwe

Aaron Marks       South Africa






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