The Growing Sports Foundation Trust  has established a boarding school for outstanding tennis players. This is in line with most of the leading academies in the world that maintain boarding schools for promising children in order to implement and supervise a professional program.

The Sea Point Tennis Club  was selected as the facility at which to develop the Academy, situated in the center of the country, with both clay and hard surface tennis courts, a , fitness facilities, medical support and  psychological skills department. In addition, the fact that the administration of all the GSFT  operates from this center facilitates hands-on and continuous support for a most challenging venture.

The rationale for the program lies in the fact that this is a holistic approach to the development of the child providing nurturing and care at a time in his life when he is acquiring important life skills and character building qualities, while at the same time a strict sporting regime is imposed on him as is required in developing world class athletes. The program enables children, some  from low-income neighborhoods and development towns  to live at the boarding school during the week, to study nearby, to train at the  Center – and all this under the supervision of a manager who takes care of their needs during the week away from home. Our hope is that this initiative will nurture and shape the players to fulfill their maximum potential so that they will represent South Africa tennis internationally.
This facility will provide the GSFT with much needed additional income as it has already been sought out by young players from abroad who will pay by international standards. It can also be used in the summer months to house  youth from around the world.

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