Anthony Harris

Programme Director - Anthony Harris


Born            1 May 1964         
Country Zimbabwe
Profession  Professional Tennis Coach  21 years

I was born and educated in Zimbabwe and on completion of my school education continued with a tennis scholarship to north Texas state university in America.


Player background

  • 1981 National Junior champion of Zimbabwe
  • 1982  National Mens champion of Zimbabwe
  • Selected to represent my country in 1982
  • Played ATP  satellite events


  •  On my return from university I began my coaching career, my first project was in Zimbabwe, with a gentleman called Albert Nayamabondi, and sponsored by Minister of Foreign Affairs .  Together we created in Mufakose, a high density suburb, the Mufakose tennis agency.  We established two centers and we created from this program the number one ranked players aged  12   14   16 and  18.


  • My next coaching project was with a man called Hans Felius from Holland. Together with him we coached a group of WTA  players.  Hans Felius became the head of tennis in Holland.


  •  I coached Anna Smashnova  one on one for 1 year during this period she reached top 30 in the world.


  • After this I was offered to coach Israel’s six best juniors, develop and train them under the Israel  tennis association.  One of these players is Dudi Sela who today is top 30 in the world.


  • I coached David Sanchez from Spain and Dudi Sela together , at this time David was 40 in the world and Dudi was beginning.


  • Created a doubles team Andy Ram and Yoni Erlich who with me reached semi finals of Wimbledon and Ram reached finals of Wimbledon mixed doubles, this result qualified them for the Olympics and for this achievement I received an award from the Israel Olympic committee.


  • Coached Amir Hadad who together with Kreshi  from Pakistan they won a humanitarian award


  • My next project was when  I signed a 5 year contract with an American company who have 14 tennis centers in Israel.  I was the program director of the 14 centers  and was responsible for all aspects of the 350 coaches employed.  When I began my contract we had 3400 students and on completion we had 7500.


  • I worked with Nick Boletieri and together we did a joint venture program of coach development and sending players to his academy and vice versa.


  • I worked with Juan Carlos tennis academy when Carlos was no 1 in the world


  • Worked with Luis Madiero of the RPT tennis coachers certification


  • Built and created 21 bed academy for the ITC (Israeli tennis Centre)


  • Due to the various programs implemented at the ITC, I have written  and created a motor skills program for children aged 4 – 6 .  3000 children did my program in the first 18 months.


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