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Why are you doing this development programme?

Because I love tennis and I want to be able to give children the opportunity to be involved in a sport that they might not otherwise ever be exposed to. I have also been brought up on the idea that tennis is an international game that one can play it any where in the world, it requires one other person rather than a team, it can be a means to make friends (the majority of my friends I met through playing tennis), learn skills such as sportsmanship and discipline, and keep one fit and healthy. I also love the idea that we might discover great talent.

Are you getting anything out of it yet? Please explain
I feel fantastic after I’ve finished a coaching session, especially when you can see a child improving and how much it means to them. So much of ones life revolves around oneself and nothing beats the feeling of doing something completely selfless and without personal gain; just for the good of someone else and out of the kindness of ones heart. It’s addictive!

– Jessica Ellis



Why are you doing this development programme?

I played tennis throughout my childhood, and received many years of coaching, privately and at school. Tennis played a very big part in my childhood and, to an extent, my character development and personal skills. I have often felt that my experience in tennis is a skill that I have to offer people less fortunate than myself. It is an area of my life in which I can add value to other people.
Are you getting anything out of it yet? Please explain?

 I have only assisted the coaching on one occasion thus far, but found it extremely rewarding! The enthusiasm and gratitude of the children is motivating and encouraging. I had fun and enjoyed spending time with the children. I’m looking forward to my next session! – Amber Osborn


Why are you doing this development programme?

I am involved in this development programme to give something back to the broader community. Involvement in an outreach programme is one of the goals I hoped to achieve during my time at university. I enjoy tennis, and decided that this programme to which I would like to add.
Are you getting anything out of it yet? Please explain?


Yes, learning how to relate to people on an entirely different level, from where we are expected to be accommodating and tolerant of our contemporaries, to being in a position of authority with young children who need guidance, is a huge learning curve.– Sarah Rivett  (22 years)


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